Get a pet charm bracelet that will carry a special meaning for you or your loved one

Have you just ordered one of our pet-themed bedding sets and a pair of slip-ons but think that’s not enough? We’ve all been there, which is why we know for sure what else you need. The catalog of That My Pet now features an abundance of pet photo bracelets made of top-grade surgical steel and leather. All our ornaments have beautiful charms with animals, fish, birds, and other little friends of ours. They come in a variety of colors and can be engraved if you want.

Here you can get a photo bracelet that will never be just another ornament kept in your jewelry box. Every piece in our range is designed to carry a deep meaning for pet owners, allowing them to proclaim their affection loudly. While wearing one of our pet charm bracelets, you will always be reminded of your companion, and its love will surround you even if it’s not with you at the moment.

Our jewelry will also fit the bill for those who are looking for gift and keepsake ideas. If your loved one, friend, or someone you know is a pet lover, and you want to make them an unforgettable present, here you go. There’s no better gift for a pet owner than a photo bracelet with a charm that has his or her little family member. So, find out that person’s wrist size and go ahead!

Impeccable quality of pet photo bracelets is guaranteed

When it comes to making jewelry or any other products, That My Pet follows the latest practices and uses proven techniques to maintain the quality that cannot be surpassed. Thus, we:

  • rely on time-tested materials for our leather and steel bracelets;
  • hire specially trained people who are capable of ensuring the delicate workmanship of our hand-made pieces;
  • implement patent-pending technologies that you won’t find anywhere else.

Enjoy the lowest prices

How about getting lovely stuff without paying too much? At That My Pet, it’s impossible to find hefty price tags for bracelets as we regularly come up with special offers and set huge discounts. Moreover, we do not impose any shipping fees on orders over $30!

Get into our catalog and choose a photo bracelet charm with a sought-after pet on it. Whether it’s for you or someone you know, it will be the most memorable gift ever!

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