Shipping and Tracking Policy

Shipping Policy:

Processing Time: All orders take 5-7 days for processing as every item is created upon order.

Shipping within USA, Canada, Australia and UK:

Free Shipping: It may take 25-30 days for items to be delivered using ‘Free Shipping’ option. The shipper is USPS.

Express Shipping: It takes 10-15 days for item to be delivered using ‘Express Shipping’ option.

International Shipping:

We do not provide end to end tracking numbers for international shipping and average delivery timeframe is 3-4 weeks from date of order. We ship worldwide. You will receive tracking number however it would work only till item reach your country.

For Mugs, Bluetooth speakers and Jewellery (Made in USA products)
Processing time: 5-7 days

If you did not receive your item under shipping time, then feel free to contact us using 'Contact Us' button.



International Shipping (Outside of USA/Canada)



International Shipping:

For international shipping and average delivery, the timeframe is 3-4 weeks from date of order. We ship worldwide. We do not provide tracking numbers for international orders as in free shipping we use government shipping companies which do not provide a tracking number.

If you did not receive your item under mentioned shipping time, then feel free to contact us using 'Contact Us' button.


Tracking Number Policy



For USA/Canada/Australia/UK:

After processing of your order (5-7 days), our Asian manufacturing departments ship your order to the respective countries and only then we receive tracking numbers from local shippers (like USPS in the USA). After we receive a tracking number, they are provided to you via email immediately. In some cases, you may receive item even before you receive a tracking number as this is completely dependent on shipper company.

For International Orders:

As we do not charge for shipping (free shipping) we use government operated shipping services like ePost or Singapore post to send your order, these companies do not provide any tracking number in order to keep there cost lower however expected shipping time frame is 3-4 weeks for any international order worldwide.


Express Shipping Delays



Sometimes due to unavoidable circumstances, your order might take more than the typical 10-15 days. if so, please click on 'Contact Us' and provide us with your order number.


Who pays customs fees (if any)?



We do not charge any customs fees. However depending on your country's laws, you might be required to pay customs fees on sneakers/tote bags/flip flops etc. Please check your respective country's laws for customs fees.


Refund/Return Policy



Since our products are 'Print on Demand' and every item is created manually, we do not normally offer any refunds/returns. However, returns are only accepted if:

1) Wrong Shoe Size: If the shoe size received is different from the size you ordered, then we would send you a replacement. Please note if you have entered the wrong shoe size, then we cannot refund or send a replacement for your item.

2) Wrong Design: In case the shoe design received is different than the one you ordered, we will send you the correct design. We will pay return shipping via a store credit.

3) Damaged Shoe: If your product(s) is damaged upon receipt, we will send you a replacement or refund. Replacement item is only sent once we receive the original item.

Please note, in order to claim replacement/refund, you need to send us the picture of an item in its original packaging. You can claim a refund/return up to 30 days after receiving an item.


24 Hours Order Modification Policy



In case of an incorrect item, you should immediately contact our support desk by clicking on 'Contact Us' button on the bottom of a page. Make sure you clearly mention your order number. We cannot edit the 'item' in your order and the only part we can change is the shipping address and name.

In case if you want to change the quantity or the complete item then we will cancel your order and issue you a full refund only order is within 24 hours timeline. After 24 hours of orders are sent for manufacturing automatically and cannot be edit in anyway, thus cannot be refunded or replaced.

Please understand that we sell 'Print on Demand' items which are printed automatically by machines after 24 hours of your order, thus cannot be canceled/changed.

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